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iQ Academy Minnesota is a complete online public school that fits your student, your schedule, and your family. As an accredited public school program of Independent School District 544, we offer Minnesota students in grades K–12 an innovative, high-quality alternative to the traditional learning experience.

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We're currently accepting applications for the upcoming 2015–2016 school year. Apply today!


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School on your terms

  • Set your own schedule to stay on pace
  • Learn online, wherever you have internet access
  • Teachers respond within 24 hours to your questions and issues
  • Study subjects that interest you

iQ Academy is Minnesota's accredited online public school for grades K–12.

  • Award-winning, interactive curriculum makes learning fun.
  • Personalized instruction from Minnesota licensed teachers keep you on the path to success.
  • Individual attention from counselors and teachers means there is no limit to what you can learn.
  • Clubs, local events, and a secure online community help you make friends.
  • The K–5 approach is mastery based, giving students flexible, individualized pacing.
  • In grades K–5, a Learning Coach (typically the parent) assists the student through daily lessons and plays a key supportive role.
  • Students in grades 6–12 must stay on pace, finishing class requirements by end of the semester.
  • Grades 6-12 also enjoy instruction from teachers via weekly interactive work-together sessions that follow our unique Flipped Classroom instructional model and also connect with teachers by phone, e-mail and chat.

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